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About Us


When we started RHAIONA, we realized that the Tech world is incredibly fast-paced and constantly changing, which would leave anyone who comes unprepared, baffled. 

With this in mind, we aim in introducing customers to the right technology which would result in companies streamlining their processes, boosting-up their efficiency, and being more focused on tasks on hand. We believe innovation is the key to keep up with this ever changing environment and to continuously elevate to the next level.

Therefore, RHAIONA decided to partner with companies that we believe can ease business processes by introducing their products to companies that could benefit from them, and contribute deeply in their sales and marketing journey. 




Innovation & Self Improvement

Our partners and clients deserve the most effective processes with the best value for money. We constantly look at improving and innovating our services by regularly collecting feedback, analysing our strategies, and providing suitable action plans.


Transparency & Trust

We strive to maintain a good relationship with our partners and clients. We take full ownership and responsibility for the services we provide, so there are no hidden fees, contract technicalities or excuses. We want to build long term partnerships.


Communication & Customer Service

We are a team of people who believe in clear & prompt communication with our clients. We focus on customer service, effective meetings in order to help the clients succeed. We are happy when our clients are happy.


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Our vision is to provide the best possible outsourced sales and marketing services and results to our partners whilst growing and maintaining our reputation as the most highly regarded channel marketing firm in South East Asia


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Driven by positivity and teamwork

Driven by positivity and teamwork: We grow together, and we support one another.

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Customer-obsessed: We embrace customization. We try our best to cater to whatever our customers need in order to thrive.


Doing what’s right

Doing what’s right: We highly emphasize on integrity, honesty, trust, and reliability.



Quality: We aim to provide the best. Therefore, there is always room for improvement. We are always open to feedback and improving the process.

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Warm and Friendly

Warm and Friendly: We pride in being an Indonesian-based company, and promote our friendly culture.


Pronounciation: Rye-own-a

Origin: Maori

Definition: Lioness


The lioness depicts victory, tenacity, and ferociousness. She also embodies creativity, imagination, originality, vision, inspiration, and resourcefulness.


Why did we go for this name?


On top of the intriguing meaning above, we pined for a name that symbolises Loyalty, Resilience, and Courage.

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Equipped with ample knowledge of the local markets, business and culture, experienced workforce in  B2B marketing, we are here to help whether it is setting your foot for the first time in Indonesia, or simply aiding your expansion!



RHAIONA’s founders found that the best way of doing business is to put honesty, integrity, and clarity first because this, above all else, is what draws clients to them. With that in mind, our founders have built this company to provide clients with the support and services that they need.


Innovating Our Future Together


Career Opportunities at RHAIONA

We invite you to share your dreams with us. You’ll have opportunities to explore and learn new things with the company. We seeks people who are driven to change and optimistic. We invite you to share your dreams with us.

Current Positions Available

Inside Sales Representative

Fluent in English, High focus, fast learning, ...

Data Miner

Tech-savvy, Dedicated, Fast learner, ...

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