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What You Will Be Doing

You will mainly be meeting with customers or prospects. The focus will be on the quality of the work, and to help achieve that, you will use playbooks and well-structured processes. To help maintain the standard, we will provide you with scripts to ensure the message is consistent. You will be provided with direct feedback to focus on areas for improvement.

Candidate Requirements

  1.  1 to 2 years of sales development experience.

  2.  Excellent written and verbal English skills.

  3.  Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills with the ability to facilitate dialogue and collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

  4.  Communication and listening skills, emphaty, prospecting and questioning ability using IT tools and platforms.

  5.  High focus, fast learning, and adaptability skills for a fast-paced environment.

  6.  At least 1-year experience with various technologies, including CRM and predictive dialers.

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What You Will Be Doing

This role is responsible for searching, qualifying, and generating data, including validating and updating all the campaigns data. The role will be coordinating with the Head of Department in order to support the implementation of performance indicators of the team. Collect data and analyze, making a Daily report, and can fulfill the target.

Candidate Requirements

  1. Tech-savvy

  2. College students are welcome

  3. Eager to learn and assertive

  4. Fast learner 

  5. Have your own laptop and internet

  6. Can speak English is a plus

  7. Dedicated

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