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Perfect for our clients who need a streamlined file-sharing, collaborative-working solution for team members who either work remotely or even in the same location. With Dropbox, sharing files has never been easier. Being known as one of the most reliable software on the market, it is only fitting that Rhaiona offers this option for any of our clients who seek the feature set available in Dropbox.

There are many pros that come with using dropbox as your cloud storage solution, such as:


Dropbox is built with multiple layers of protection by a world-class security organization.


Bank-level encryption. Dropbox files are encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption by default. This is banking level encryption and what that means for users is that their files are securely stored in Dropbox’s servers. In addition to AES, Dropbox also encrypts files stored on their servers using SSL/TLS, making sure that every step taken is safe and secure. Right from their app to their servers.


Best-in-class sync. Dropbox is equipped with a feature called smart sync. This feature allows users to save space on their local hard drive by letting users pick and choose which file/folder(s) that they would like to be available on their device. This feature allows users to view files offline on their device while virtually consuming little to no disk space. This feature also syncs automatically every time the user is connected to the internet to ensure that they always get the latest version of the document they’re working on.


Offline and online sync. Programmed with a world-class sync system, users can rest assured that they can sync any of the files that they need. This ensures that users can do their work offline, and once they go back online, Dropbox will automatically update their documents to the latest version.


No single sized limit. There is no size restriction for files uploaded through the Dropbox software. This is a great benefit for users who constantly need to share large files. This feature is unique to Dropbox, as they are the only company that has this feature.


Quick recovery. In the event that your files are being held for ransom, Dropbox has a few steps laid in place to ensure that your files can be recovered as soon as possible. This feature is called Dropbox rewind which syncs all of the files that may have been lost to ransomware back to its earliest version before the attack occurred, ensuring users can access their files and resume their needs.


Dropbox is optimized to work seamlessly with your current platforms. Users will enjoy the seamlessness of Dropbox’s integration with the software that they already own. Dropbox is compatible and is integrated with Outlook and Sharepoint, to name a few.

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Asset Discovery

Active and passive network discovery

Asset Discovery
Vulnerability Assessment

Active network scanning, continuous vulnerability monitoring

Vulnerability Assessment
Intrusion Detection

Network and host IDS, file integrity monitoring

Intrusion Detection
Behavioral Monitoring

Net flow analysis, service availability monitoring

Behavioral Monitoring

Log management, event correlation, analysis, and reporting

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